Tulsa Reining Classic Stays on Track with Back On Track!

The Board of Directors of the Tulsa Reining Classic welcomes Back On Track as a sponsor for the eighth consecutive year! Winners of a number of high-profile classes at TRC will again enjoy receiving Back On Track’s high-tech therapeutic products as awards. The Tulsa Reining Classic, produced by Global Reining Sport Group, is a landmark reining event set for August 26-September 1.

Both the Tulsa Reining Classic and Back On Track appreciate the value of long-term partnerships like this one. The partnership provides a means of reaching more people with news of Back On Track’s superb products plus the sponsorship provides reiners with high-quality prizes that they will look forward to using.

Global Reining Sport Group President Colleen McQuay said, “The Back on Track products allow us to do what is best for our horses both at home and on the road. Their ease of use allows us to be consistent with our therapy. Using the product myself confirms the amazing results we see with our horses!”

Manufacturers of state-of-the-art therapeutic products, Back On Track’s joint and muscle protection items are manufactured from a ceramic textile. The textile is made up of fibers of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibers) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibers. The ceramic, which will never wash out, gives the fabric its unique property. When heated, the ceramic particles radiate warmth back towards the body. This reflected heat is long-wave heat radiation, which is also known as long-wave infrared radiation. It is well established and documented that long wave infrared heat radiation increases blood circulation reducing inflammation and speeding healing. To learn more about Back On Track and the diverse selection of products that it offers, visit www.BackOnTrackProducts.com.

In close to two decades, the Tulsa Reining Classic has grown into one of the National Reining Horse Association’s top ten events in the world – one that stays on the yearly calendar of top reiners and reining programs throughout the country. It features three futurities and two derbies plus two full slates of horse show classes. It also hosts the NRHA’s South Center Affiliate Regional Finals. The great location, facilities, show management and the growing support of reiners in the South Central area and beyond, as well as to the innovative and “niche” events the show has created have all contributed to its success. For information on the Tulsa Reining Classic, visit www.tulsareining.com.

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