Tulsa Expo Square is Making Big Changes

Tulsa Expo Square management is excited to announce the changes made and coming to Expo Square. Equestrians attending Tulsa Reining Classic in 2018 may have had to maneuver around the facility’s many constructions projects’.  In 2019, attendees will enjoy the many additions and upgrades to the grounds.


Tulsa Expo Square Agribusiness Manager Brandi Herndon said, “This year may perhaps be one of the most exciting for us at Expo Square! We cannot express enough how much we sincerely appreciate your patience last year during out construction period. I am thrilled to share many wonderful outcomes of the construction you will be able to enjoy this year! As promised, you will be pleased with all out progress.”

The changes made and coming are as follows:

  • Completion of the New Barn and Arena, now named the Bronco Barn and Ranger Arena.  The Bronco Barn has 384, 10’x10’ slide and glide permanent stalls and the Ranger Arena measures 100’ x 200’.
  • The purchase of 416 new, 10’x10’ horse stalls for the Super Duty Barn was recently approved. They are currently being constructed and will be in place throughout 2019.  ALL barns on the property will now have the new, poly-sided stalls.
  • The two main gates, Gate 1 off of 21st Street and Gate 7 off of 15th, now have LED Boards.  Now the Tulsa Reining Classic logo will be displayed on these wonderful new LED signs during the show!
  • The Pavilion is currently receiving a new roof which means, no more leaks!
  • Completed in the spring of 2018, the Pavilion exterior was updated with new lights and landscaping.
  • Old Driller Stadium and Health Department demolition and grade work is currently in progress and will be completed by mid-April 2019.
  • The Permanent Outdoor Stage is now complete.

These changes mean exciting improvements for Tulsa Reining Classic with the added and upgraded stalls and the inclusion of an additional arena for warming up, not to mention the aesthetic improvements!  The Management of Tulsa Reining Classic is also excited about 2019.

Colleen McQuay, President of the Global Reining Sports Group said, “Watching the construction going on last year only made us more anxious for the new building! The new arena, especially, will give us opportunity for more free riding during the day so people do not always have to ride at night! This will give our exhibitors more time to spend in town enjoying the shops and restaurants. We are grateful for this added opportunity from an already great facility!”

Produced by Global Reining Sports Group, Tulsa Reining Classic has been held at Expo Square since its inception in 2013. The Expo Square facilities offer many great accommodations to the riders, owners, and spectators who attend the show each year. The show will be held August 26 – September 1, 2019 and features something for everyone with many grassroots classes and educational opportunities offered each year. For more information about Tulsa Reining Classic, go to TulsaReining.com. To learn more about Expo Square, visit ExpoSquare.com.

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