Tulsa Reining Classic Welcomes the Return of Elite Stall Mat Rentals

Elite Stall Mat Rentals will be the exclusive source for stall mat rentals at Tulsa Reining Classic held August 27 – September 2, 2018 in Tulsa, Okla. This revolutionary company has been renting stall mats to exhibitors at TRC since 2014, and the management of TRC is pleased that they have now agreed to provide their exhibitors with stall mat rentals at Tulsa’s Expo Square through 2019!


Linda Sheridan, owner of Elite Stall Mat Rentals said, “Elite Stall Mats has been supporting reiners and their horses for many years and in many venues.  We are proud to continue as the exclusive mat vendor for the Tulsa Reining Classic.”


Reiners know the importance of cushioning their investment when they travel. Show time is stressful, so it is important to keep equine athletes insulated from temperature changes so they can rest comfortably. Cushioning those joints and legs is essential to giving a horse a winning edge.


Through Elite Stall Mat Rentals, the process is so simple! Order stall mats online, enter your approximate arrival time, and pay with a credit card. Elite Stall Mat Rental’s staff gets the stall assignments from show management so exhibitors can then arrive with their horses to matted stalls. Plus with Elite’s Pro Star option, the stall walls will be disinfected and shavings put in place. For more information about Elite Stall Mat rentals, visit www.stallmatrentals.com.


For more information about Tulsa Reining Classic, visit www.tulsareining.com.

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