Tulsa Reining Classic Announces Change for Tamarack Ranch Developing Horse Futurity

Global Reining Sport Group, which produces the Tulsa Reining Classic, made a landmark announcement Tuesday evening.

Due to the number of horses entered in the Tamarack Ranch Developing Horse Futurity, the Futurity will be divided into two sections – each with equal added money and each with its own set of awards.

The decision came when the entries for the futurity closed and there were an astounding 138 horses entered, up 51 horses from last year!

Colleen McQuay noted, “Thanks to the generosity of Tamarack Ranch each section will have the same amount of added money – $20,000 – and awards as previously planned for the entire event. Each section will be awarded in its entirety and pinned as an individual event.  Section A will consist of Draws 1-69 and Section B will be Draws 70-138.”

The Tamarack Ranch Developing Horse Futurity is set to begin at 8 AM on Wednesday, August 31.

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