Tamarack Ranch Developing Horse Futurity Joins Tulsa Reining Classic

The Tamarack Ranch Developing Horse Futurity will be the first of the major aged events held during the Tulsa Reining Classic and the headline event is set to begin August 31 at 9 am. The show, which takes place at Tulsa’s Expo Center, has a rich tradition of innovative classes and exhibitor-friendly policies and the Developing Horse Futurity is one of its most popular.
Tamarack Ranch, of Joseph, Oregon has come on board as naming sponsor of the event for 2016. The developing horse futurity has attracted the attention of riders worldwide who are interested in showing those “not quite ready for prime-time” horses. Its level playing field protects those horses that peak later, performance-wise, and is considered an important step toward lengthening the show careers of reining horses.

Popular from its inception, the futurity keeps growing yearly and its new sponsors are proud to stand behind an event that has such a positive impact on the industry. NRHA Professional Gabe Hutchins said “It seems like every year we all have a 3-year-old not that is quite ready when it comes time for those early futurities. We still want to find out what we have – and season them – so this gives a great place and opportunity to show them. Probably a lot of those horses, brought on at their own pace – will go on to Oklahoma City and be fine. In the meantime, for horses that excel at different times there is still an event to show and potentially win something.”

Colleen McQuay of Global Reining Sport Group which produces the event, was glad to welcome Tamarack Ranch on board. She said, “Gabe Hutchins and the team at Tamarack Ranch have a keen eye on the industry and how the young horses are be trained and brought along in their reining careers and therefore the developing futurity is a perfect fit for them.”

Tamarack Ranch was established by Pat Simar and his wife Suzy. Located in Oregon’s mountainous northeast corner, it began with a love of horses first in the form of riding and ranch horses. When that progressed to a desire to do something competitive the Simars started with the local trainer Matt McDowell. Reining had great appeal and goal one was to establish an exceptional set of broodmares.

A few years ago Hutchins sold some horses to the ranch. From that a business relationship began and grew to Gabe keeping over a dozen Tamarack Ranch horses in training. Creating a training facility at the ranch in Oregon was the logical next step. Now under construction, the facility should be completed late summer and Gabe and his wife Suzi (currently at Hickory Creek Ranch in Armore, Oklahoma) will relocate to Oregon after the Tulsa Reining Classic.

Gabe noted, “With the great band of broodmares there are now 12 yearlings and 18 babies on the ground. The facility is definitely growing and the plan is to have really nice yearlings to sell every fall and keep some to show too. The ranch is just to the point of having enough horses to do that and we are really looking forward to the future.

For information on Tamarack Ranch call 541-910-REIN or visit the web site at www.tamarackreiners.com and for information on the Tulsa Reining Classic, visit www.tulsareining.com or call 580-759-2525.

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