Ride With A Ribbon at Tulsa Reining Classic

Rein In Cancer LogoAt the 2014 Tulsa Reining Classic, set for August 26-31, Rein In Cancer will continue its new “Ride With A Ribbon” campaign. Ride With A Ribbon debuted at the National Reining Breeders Classic in April and was a resounding success. Exhibitors could choose to Ride with a Ribbon by wearing a cancer awareness ribbon (available free at the Rein In Cancer display) on themselves or their horse during competition. Then they simply wrote their name and the name of the person they wished to honor with their ride on the Ride With a Ribbon Board displayed at the show.

Rein In Cancer President, Cheryl Magoteaux Cody noted, “This program really resonated for attendees at the NRBC and we’re excited to present it again in Tulsa. Almost everyone has a connection with a cancer patient and so many folks were glad to honor special individuals in their lives.”

She continued, “People were amazed that there are so many different types of cancer and the many various colors of ribbons really helped increase awareness while honoring some very special people.”

The Ride With A Ribbon program came to be after Cody lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer. Before her passing, the two friends talked regularly, often before Cheryl was going to compete and her friend would say how much she wished she could go. Cheryl started painting a teal ribbon (for ovarian cancer) on her horse’s rear or put a teal ribbon on her shirt or saddle pad, then would send a picture from the competition with a note that said her friend was there with her – every single step. To her bedridden friend, it meant so much to feel she was a part of something she could no longer do and it enabled Cheryl to remember her with every run.

People participating in the Tulsa Reining Classic can choose to ride with a ribbon honoring someone special and they may also pledge a percentage of their earnings to Rein In Cancer, although that is not necessary for participation. Ribbons will be available free at the Rein In Cancer display in the Tulsa Expo Center. The vast array of ribbons available include: Pink – Breast Cancer Teal – Ovarian Cancer Pearl – Lung Cancer Purple – Pancreatic Cancer & Leiomyosarcoma Orange – Leukemia & Kidney Black – Melanoma Navy – Colon Cancer Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma Grey – Brain Cancer Blue – Prostate Cancer Gold – Childhood Cancer & Osteosarcoma Burgundy & Ivory – Head & Neck Cancer Lime – Lymphoma Peach – Uterine Cancer Teal & White – Cervical Cancer Yellow – Sarcoma/Bone Cancer & Bladder Cancer Green – Liver Cancer Lavender – All Cancers Periwinkle – Esophageal & Stomach Cancer Teal/Pink/Blue – Thyroid Cancer Orchid – Testicular Cancer
Amber – Appendix Cancer
Marigold, Blue & Purple – Bladder Cancer
Zebra Print – Carcinoid Cancer 
Rainbow – Adrenocortical carcinoma Rein In Cancer is a 501-c3 tax exempt organization that raised funding to create and run the Shirley Bowman Nutrition Center at Oklahoma University’s Stephenson Cancer Institute in Oklahoma City.

It currently furnishes direct financial support to cancer patients who are part of the horse industry. With over $1 million raised, founders Shorty Koger, Cheryl Cody, and Tracie Anderson credit the generosity of the horse world, through bequests, memorials, promotions and gifts. For information visit the web site at www.reinincancer.com.

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