2013 Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic Continues to Increase Schooling, Show Opportunities, Comfort, and Safety

atrc 15Since the start of the Global Reining Sport Group’s management of the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic, the focus has been on providing the Reining community with exactly what it needs in an essential Reining event. After supporting horses in various stages of training by offering a new-to-the-industry Developing Horse Futurity in 2011 and promoting the future of the sport by piloting new Youth Educational Events in 2012, the GRSG has gone to great lengths to improve the experience of exhibitors and comfort of horses in 2013. By adding a large, convenient additional schooling arena, increasing available warm-up classes, and maximizing safety of exhibitors and their horses through additional show stewards and security personnel, the 2013 ATRC promises to provide a greatly improved show experience for participants. Continuing to appeal to horses and exhibitors of all levels, the 2013 event will also offer a $10,000 Dun Gotta Gun Novice Open Derby and $2,000 Novice Non Pro Derby.
In regard to creature comforts, the 2013 ATRC will offer Stall Mat rental, stall pre-bedding and stall disinfection services, provided through RentAStallMat.com. Portable Air Conditioning units will be available for rental through Cool-A-Zone, and massage therapy will be provided for both horses and humans by Charlotte Morris of Phoenix Body Works. Sponsors of the event will have access to ring-side daily meals in the air-conditioned VIP Pavilion, located on the Ford Truck Arena mezzanine. Youth and Affiliate Supporters will also have access to the cool, comfortable “Affiliate Corral” in the Mustang Arena building. All attendees will be welcomed to attend the Exhibitor Party, scheduled on Wednesday, August 28 at 7 pm.
Speaking of the 2013 improvements, annual participant and 2012 ATRC Hollywoodstinseltown Open Futurity Winner, Justin Mathison, says, “The new warm-up arena will really help us get our horses ready without being too crowded. I think the Novice Derby will be a big hit too. It will give the Derby horses that haven’t been in the spotlight yet a chance to shine. We are really looking forward to the horse show.”

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