Quarter Horse News Renews Support Of ATRC Stallion Auction for 2013

ATRC 10After a highly successful first year of partnership, Cowboy Publishing Group’s Quarter Horse News has once again paired up with the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic’s Stallion Service Auction. Major supporters and publicity experts in the Reining breeding industry, Quarter Horse News adds great value for owners of consigned stallions, as well as buyers in the auction.

The Quarter Horse News Tulsa Reining Classic Stallion Auction has long been a go-to source for purchasing discounted breedings to quality, industry-leading stallions. Set to open for bids August 1, the auction runs for 30 days, concluding during the ATRC. Online bidding will be available at the show, as well as anywhere on the world wide web. The proceeds from the auction are used in production of the ATRC, one of NRHA’s top shows. The ATRC is a staple in the industry, due to its appeal to a large demographic. From Aged Event competitors to Green Riders to Affiliate Finals Participants to aspiring Youth, the show is packed full of opportunities for Reining enthusiasts.

Colleen McQuay, president of ATRC producing Global Reining Sport Group, states, “Quarter Horse News is a great company and an industry staple. The Global Reining Sport Group is so grateful to have them on board again this year, for the benefit of both our stallion owners and buyers.”

Keeping the Reining community up-to-date on stallion statistics, bloodline cross successes, and show results are some of Quarter Horse News’ major focuses. In the case of the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic, the benefits don’t end there! QHN assists stallion owners through promotion of their horses and helps spread the word about the auction, all while letting potential buyers know what’s up for bid. They also offer consigning stallion owners a chance to win one of two promotional packages, providing advertising through their top-notch publications.

Don’t miss your opportunity to buy a discounted breeding to one of the stallions enrolled in the QHN Tulsa Reining Classic Stallion Auction, all while supporting the ATRC. Visit www.tulsareining.com to view the auction and prepare to place your bids!

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