Hollywood Dun It Added to 2012 Quarter Horse News Tulsa Stallion Service Auction

ATRC 13With stall numbers, entries and stallion auction bids at levels that may challenge historical records, the 2012 Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic is poised to make a high-impact kick off tomorrow.  As the momentum builds, the naming of the US National Champion hangs in the wings and amazing bidding opportunities on the industry’s leading sires have breeders of elite western sport horses in a frenzy, the Global Reining Sport Group is very excited to announce that legendary sire Hollywood Dun It has been added to the Quarter Horse News Tulsa Stallion Service Auction.

Perhaps the most recognized stallion in the Reining horse industry, Hollywood Dun It is a terrific addition to an already-supreme stallion service auction.  Breeders from around the world will watch with interest to see at what rate they can possibly win one of the highly-coveted remaining breeding opportunities from the late Hollywood Dun It.

With offspring nearing the staggering $7M mark, Hollywood Dun It is the sire of the industry’s greatest horses, garnering championship titles at all levels of the sport.  Some would argue that no horse has had such a deep and profound impact on the sport of Reining and the formulation of the ideal Reining horse.

Accolades earned by the stallion are too numerous to list, with the most recent major highlight in his selection as the 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee for the American Quarter Horse Association.  But even more important than the tributes bestowed; for two decades, Hollywood Dun It touched people.  Daily, fans would visit him in Tioga, Texas at McQuay Stables.  Part of his appeal was that he won and placed in the most prestigious Reining competitions in the world and part of it was his genetic prominence.  And yet another part was his personality.  During his competitive years, his charisma resulted in winning performances and captured hearts.  He is remembered for his unforgettable face, kind eye and sculpted head that he regularly passed to his get.  For many people, Hollywood Dun It was magical.

And while the great Hollywood Dun It is no longer with us, breeders still have a limited opportunity to be a part of his legacy.  It is fair to say that there will be no better opportunity to secure one of the last remaining breedings to Hollywood Dun It.

Interested bidders should click on the “Stallion Auction LIVE!” link above to be a part of this historic moment.  The Quarter Horse News Tulsa Stallion Service Auction is honored to have such an important addition to its list of stallions, and punctuates that this sale is one of the industry’s most elite stallion service opportunities.

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