2012 ATRC Proudly Announces the Return of their Developing Horse Futurity, Brought to You By Michell Anne Kimball and Spooks Gotta Whiz

atrc 5The Global Reining Sport Group is proud to announce Michell Anne Kimball and her outstanding stallion Spooks Gotta Whiz have renewed their support of the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic.  As title sponsor of the Spooks Gotta Whiz Developing Horse Futurity, Michell is proud to carry on her strong belief in the development of young horses for success many years in the show pen.

The Spooks Gotta Whiz Developing Horse Futurity offers all four levels of Open competition for horses not competing in the Open Futurity with the same Open rider.  The Spooks Gotta Whiz Developing Horse Futurity was a dynamic new addition in 2011 that was met with overwhelming success.  The goal of the program is to ensure all horses get the opportunity to showcase their talents and charisma as they work to mature through the futurity season.

Plus, in 2012, Michell Anne Kimball has contributed even more support to the show, with resources ear-marked for youth activities.  Showing her continued support of the future of our industry, what better way to bring “Baby Spooks” together with the young riders in our sport?  Look for enhanced and entertaining youth events in the 2012 show, brought to you by Michell Anne Kimball and Spooks Gotta Whiz.

2010 Futurity Champion with Jordan Larson riding, Michell Anne Kimball’s Spooks Gotta Whiz swept the 2010 Futurity with style, causing a major sensation in the Reining horse industry.  Check out Michell and “Baby Spooks” story and look into breeding opportunities by clicking on:  www.SpooksGottaWhiz.com

Congratulations Michell Anne Kimball and Spooks Gotta Whiz – the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic’s renewed partner and the title sponsor of the Spooks Gotta Whiz Developing Horse Futurity!

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